What We Ship

Autosled Shipping

We transport a wide variety of vehicles from classic cars to motorcycles.

What We Ship

New and Used Vehicles (sedans, minivans etc.)



Classic Cars

Luxury Cars

Where We Ship

Autosled ships vehicles nationwide to both residences and businesses. We ship dealership to dealership, dealership to the consumer, consumer to the consumer, and auction to the consumer. Autosled will get your vehicle from point A to point B wherever you may be!

How We Ship

Enclosed Transport

The ideal option for added vehicle protection, enclosed transport is most popular for shipping classic models, collector cars, and high-end vehicles, but can be used for any vehicle shipment. If you are concerned about severe weather or roadside debris, this is the perfect transport option for you. Book your enclosed transport vehicle shipment today.

Open Transport

The most common type of automotive shipping, open transport is cheaper and easier to arrange than enclosed transport since trucks can ship more vehicles at once. Open transport is ideal for you if you are looking for affordability, ease, and quick service. Book your open transport vehicle shipment today.


The price of your vehicle shipment will depend on the following factors:
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Distance between pickup and drop-off points
  • Type of shipping (open or enclosed)
  • How quickly you need the vehicle shipped
  • Time of year
Looking for a custom price quote for your vehicle shipment?
  • Give Autosled a call today at 1-877-728-8675! Our wonderful Custom Service agents will answer any of your questions
  • Send us an email requesting a custom price quote at info@autosled.com and our team will get back to you promptly
  • Register as a dealer for free and begin using Autosled to transport your cars