Ship My Car

Ship My Car

Not a dealer or transporter? No problem. Autosled ships your personal vehicle to your residence or business safely. You won’t break a sweat.

Ship My Car

Fill out the form below or call us at 1-877-728-8675 to receive a custom price quote and begin the vehicle move process!

What is door-to-door vehicle shipping?

Door-to-door shipment of your car, truck, van, or motorcycle is one of the most convenient and secure methods of vehicle transportation. You can select a preferred address for vehicle pickup and drop-off. In compliance with legal and safety regulations, your transporter will pick up and deliver your shipment as close to your desired address as possible.

Door-to-door shipment can be accomplished by either open or enclosed vehicle transport!

Benefits of door-to-door transport

Guaranteed Professionalism

We vet our transporters to make sure they have valid insurance. Car haulers are expert drivers. Our video bill of lading ensures that the condition of your vehicle is documented during the trip.

Save Time

Say goodbye to long-distance drives! With Autosled vehicle shipping, you won’t have to spend copious time on the road or add any miles to your vehicle. Multi-vehicle transport is also available.

No Stress

Forget logistics planning. Let Autosled take the responsibility out of your hands. All you need to do is provide a pickup and drop-off location and we will do the rest.

Drive Less

With Autosled, you won’t need to drive to a terminal for pickup. We will get your car as close to your door as possible. No need to lift a finger or add additional miles to your personal vehicles.