How Autosled Works

How Autosled Works

Learn about features of our software and how to use our service.

How it Works

1. Register as a dealer in our system

Once you register, you’ll be able to create vehicles to ship. Watch as our network of transporters accepts available posted shipments.

2. Create new shipment and get a price quote

Input custom pickup and drop-off information, as well as special instructions such as enclosed transport or residential delivery. Autosled then generates your custom quote.

3. Track your vehicle and talk with your driver

Once your vehicle is assigned, you will be able to communicate with your transporter, receive a video BOL, and track your shipment in real-time.

4. Get notified once your vehicle is delivered

Once the vehicle arrives at its destination, you will be alerted via email. Autosled initiates payment to the driver upon successful delivery.

Share My Ride

Autosled now offers “Share My Ride” to Franchise and Independent dealers that need to transport vehicles throughout the United States. Share My Ride enables automotive dealers to not only track new or used cars and trucks during the shipping process, but shares the real-time location of each vehicle in transport. 

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Autosled tracks vehicle shipments from pickup to delivery in real-time. Our GPS tracking software locates the transporter assigned to each shipment and provides real-time location data. Knowing exactly where your vehicles are at all times has never been easier. 

Vehicle Location Sharing

By clicking on the Share My Ride button in the Autosled dashboard, dealers can share the GPS tracking of specific vehicles with customers or other retail automotive dealers via text, email, or web link.