Frequently Asked Questions

Autosled operates nationwide! If you would like more information about shipping options in your region, please sign-up or email us at: support@autosled.com.

You will receive any payments directly into your bank account via ACH within two (2) business days of successful delivery.

Autosled uses a video or photo BOL for inspection. This allows you to clearly indicate any damage as well as mileage and overall vehicle condition. Using a visual BOL minimizes liability for all parties involved. You can also send paper BOLs if you prefer to BOL@autosled.com.

You can be transporting within one (1) business day. To sign up, all that is required is the company’s contact information, a valid bank account for direct deposit, active DOT/MC number, and valid insurance information.

Yes, you can contact the dealer or retail customer using their contact information provided inside the Autosled app.

24/7 Support

Call: 1-877-728-8675