Enclosed Transport

Enclosed Auto Transport

For extra vehicle protection and safety.

Is your car your baby? We understand.

Enclosed vehicle transportation provides additional protection and reduces anxiety.

This option is ideal for and most popular with shipping collector cars, classic models, or high-end vehicles, but may be used with any vehicle shipment.

What is enclosed car transport? What does it protect against?

Enclosed transport, like its name, refers to the type of vehicle transportation where cars, trucks, or motorcycles are shipped within a hard-sided truck.

This type of transport offers extra protection from harsh weather elements and roadside debris.

Truly white-glove service, enclosed transport costs more than open transport, but is worth it for special vehicles.

Choose enclosed transport and give yourself peace of mind that your vehicle will stay in pristine condition.

Do I need enclosed vehicle transport?

Choosing enclosed transportation is a personal preference. If you are debating between open and enclosed transport, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does your car have a custom paint job? Is it an exotic or luxury vehicle?
  2. Are you concerned about snow or severe weather?
  3. Are you concerned about dust, dirt, or road debris during your trip?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, enclosed transport is likely right for you. Book your enclosed transport today.