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  • Precise GPS tracking from acceptance to delivery
  • Share My Ride
  • Real-time pricing quotes
  • Seamless handling of payment and back office accounting
  • Video bill of lading/condition reports
  • Vetted transporter network with validated insurance
  • Communication with transporters via Autosled’s instant chat
  • Fluent Spanish-speaking customer support

Dealership Benefits

With Autosled, dealers no longer have to endure the back-and-forth headaches of locating transporters, calling and negotiating with brokers, and manually scheduling deliveries. Dealers that use Autosled can:

Track cars from acceptance through delivery in real-time with GPS tracking

Get custom price quotes quickly

Efficiently ship vehicles with the click of a button

Reduce physical paperwork and save time through secure online accounting and payments

Frequently Asked Car Dealer Questions

Autosled operates nationwide! If you would like more information about Autosled shipping in your region, please sign-up or email us at

Autosled will receive payment automatically from your dealer account immediately upon delivery with signature or 24 hours post-delivery without a signature. That way you have a day to inspect the vehicle.

Autosled uses a video BOL for inspection, the first and only of its kind. This allows you to clearly indicate any damage, the mileage, and the overall condition of the vehicle which will, in turn, minimize liability for all parties involved.

Autosled reviews all transporters’ documents (DOT/MC number, insurance policies, and driver information) to verify that they meet not only the DOT requirements but Autosled’s vetting of good standing and active insurance.

Yes, you will be able to track your vehicle with GPS location technology from acceptance of the load to the final delivery.

Yes, you can contact the transporters through their listed contact information.

You can be shipping cars within minutes, as all that is needed is the dealership company’s contact information and a valid method of payment.

Please contact us at (877) 728-8675 or send an email to

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