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Move vehicles off your lot faster. Start a transportation partnership that lowers dealer costs, saves time, improves efficiency, and provides full transparency.

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  • Precise GPS tracking from acceptance to delivery
  • Share Shipment Tracking
  • Custom pricing quotes
  • Wholesale vehicle moves
  • Accident insurance processing
  • Automated digital invoicing
  • Streamlined year-end reconciliation
  • Enterprise-level reporting
  • Video bill of lading/condition reports
  • Vetted transporter network with validated insurance
  • Fluent Spanish and Russian speaking customer support

“Previously, I thought vehicle transport should be handled in-house. Autosled has proven otherwise; they treat each vehicle shipment as seriously as we do. For Hudson Automotive Group, the demand to transport 600-700 cars a month meant that we had to have a partner that’s relentlessly proactive- informing us of any changes before they occur. Using Autosled’s platform to move our vehicles has quickly become a resounding success. We’ve been able to deliver vehicles faster with less demand on our staff. Autosled has provided superior customer service and automated invoice reconciliation across our 35 stores. With Autosled, Hudson Automotive Group is positioned for growth- shipping vehicles throughout the U.S. no matter what happens in the future.” 


Jon Burkeen

Regional Pre-Owned Director, Hudson Automotive Group

Dealership Benefits

With Autosled, dealers no longer have to endure the back-and-forth headaches of locating transporters, calling and negotiating with brokers, and manually scheduling deliveries. Dealers that use Autosled can:

Track cars from acceptance through delivery in real-time with GPS tracking

Get custom price quotes quickly

Efficiently ship vehicles with the click of a button

Reduce physical paperwork and save time through secure online accounting and payments

Efficiently build your Inventory