Why Maximizing A Driver’s Load Matters to Dealers

Why Maximizing A Driver’s Load Matters to Dealers

Vehicle shipping, as every auto dealer knows, is a critical factor in turning inventory faster. With that said, the details behind this process are often overlooked by non-haulers. This is a detriment to dealers because it ends up meaning added costs, negative environmental effects, and a decrease in overall transport efficiency. Here’s why components like maximizing a transporter’s load matter for retail automotive dealerships.

Save Money

Besides benefiting transporters, keeping a hauler’s truck full can be equally valuable for Franchise and Independent Dealers. The advantage of filling a hauler’s truck completely lies in the cost savings. 

Similar to the way open shipments cost less than enclosed shipments, pickups or drop offs along popular routes cost less than those that are out of the way or customized. For example, if you are shipping a standard vehicle that can be transported on a larger truck with other vehicles, the cost is much less than when shipping a vehicle that requires its own truck. Dealers also pay less to ship a car to a popular trucker destination like Los Angeles or Atlanta than when shipping a car to smaller metropolitan areas.

Autosled’s load optimization technology allows transporters to pick up additional loads along commonly traveled routes, so their trucks stay full with little hassle. With Autosled, dealers save money with zero subscription or sign up fees, while transporters enjoy fuller trucks. 


Besides saving money, Autosled aids auto dealers in moving cars to and from their lots faster. Time saved on vehicle shipments means additional money saved at the dealership. No dealer wants to watch their vehicles depreciate on the lot.

With Autosled, transporters see suggested loads in their local area and can self dispatch. This makes transporters more likely to pick up a vehicle quickly. This is beneficial for dealers because it means their vehicles are likely to get dispatched faster and transported more quickly overall.

Environmental considerations

In the big picture, load optimization for transporters matters when it comes to environmental conservation, greener dealership practices, and efficient resource uses. Deadheading refers to when a transporter drives with an empty carrier.  This negatively impacts dealers when it comes to price. Often, transporters will charge a dry-run fee if a vehicle is not ready for transport, or will charge higher rates per mile to offset wasted gas when driving long distances with an empty truck. 

Maximized trucker loads not only minimize costs, eliminate wasted fuel and curb unnecessary trips, but they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprint of trucking significantly. In today’s automotive market where fuel prices are high and rising and material scarcities persist, conserving valuable resources is necessary. Dealers today also see an increasing push in the automotive industry toward sustainable practices and electric vehicles. By helping to maximize a transporter’s truck capacity with Autosled, dealers are taking a valuable step toward a greener future. 

Keeping transporter trucks full may seem like a hauler issue, but the effects ripple through retail automotive dealerships. Dealers can benefit from striving to maximize hauler’s truck capacities. Maximizing truckers’ loads lead to more sustainable and seamless vehicle transport as well as better overall dealership practices. Ready to ship your next vehicle with Autosled? Start your free dealership registration now.

Why Video BOLs are the best option for your vehicle’s transport

Why Video BOLs are the best option for your vehicle’s transport

A bill of lading (BOL) is a detailed document issued by a carrier to a shipper providing information on the destination, quantity, and type of the goods being carried. Unlike traditional BOLs that resemble a printed invoice or receipt, Autosled uses picture and video BOLs. 

Autosled’s video BOL is the first of its kind. With no physical paperwork required, it provides video documentation uploaded by transporters within the Autosled platform. Haulers show a 360-degree view of the vehicle and talk through the condition of the car being shipped, noting any flaws. Transporters then directly upload BOLs into Autosled’s app, where they can be viewed in real-time by the vehicle owner (dealer or retail consumer). 

Physical bill of lading paperwork

Transparent and Descriptive

Pictures and videos provide first-hand experience of the subject. Instead of reading about the vehicle’s condition, automotive dealers and individual vehicle owners can see the current state of each car, truck, or motorcycle themselves. If there’s any damage (either prior to shipping or during the journey) the video BOL shows where the damage is and the level of severity. Damages cannot be concealed or overlooked in video BOLs.

Person showing vehicle damage with a video BOL

Transporters are able to provide additional detail and commentary while creating a video BOL as well. This information is not captured by BOL printouts. Autosled’s video BOLs provide transparency between transporters and vehicle owners throughout the shipment process.


Video and photo BOLs also create unique timestamps that cannot be duplicated with paper BOLs. For example, if a vehicle is damaged sometime during transport, the time frame can be pinpointed based on the pickup and dropoff BOLs. It also helps to determine who is liable for the damage. If damage is noted upon pickup, for example, and no new damage is recorded at dropoff, then the transporter wouldn’t be liable. 

Besides the timestamps for video and photo BOLs, Autosled also provides real-time GPS tracking so customers can follow their vehicles from pickup to drop off. Instead of having a vague timeline of a vehicle’s delivery- usually stretching over multiple days, Autosled’s customers can determine the dropoff down to the hour! 

GPS tracking of a vehicle load

Autosled’s network of transporters is vetted and insured so vehicle owners can rest knowing that their cars and trucks are in good hands.  

Besides being convenient for Transporters, video and photo BOLs are ideal for dealers and retail consumers. These BOLs are descriptive, real-time, transparent, and much easier to keep track of because all of the detail is found in one place. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, digital BOLs protect dealers and consumers against vehicle damage and ensure the appropriate person is liable for the vehicle’s condition. Not using video or photo BOLs yet? Then it’s time to check out Autosled’s video BOL! Register your account to get started today.

The Top Three Benefits of Self-Dispatching

The Top Three Benefits of Self-Dispatching

According to Truck Freighter, self-dispatching refers to “the ability for owner-operator truck drivers to select and manage the freight loads they haul.” In other words, self-dispatch allows haulers to act as their own dispatchers and select specific vehicle loads that they want to transport. 

Curious to know how self-dispatch can streamline your transport business? You’re in luck. These are the top three crucial benefits of self-dispatching for transporters.

Why is self-dispatching so important?

Self-dispatching is valuable to not only transporters but dealers and individuals as well. From a hauler perspective, using a self-dispatch feature allows the most convenient available loads to be chosen. This decreases deadheading, something that is always a transporter’s primary concern. Self-dispatch is also beneficial for automotive dealers and retail consumers because it decreases the wait time for vehicle shipments. Since haulers can dispatch without delays or a third-party intervening, dealers are able to deliver consumer vehicles faster. Self-dispatch allows for a more efficient transport process for all involved.

Ease and efficiency  

With Autosled, self-dispatching takes just a few simple steps. Once haulers have signed up with Autosled, it’s easy to log into the Autosled app. From there, available loads are displayed on a map, based on the driver’s current GPS location. Transporters can then view details like price, mileage, pickup, and dropoff location for each available vehicle. Haulers simply confirm the loads they’d like to accept and watch them assigned in the Autosled app. It’s that easy. 

Saves Time

One of the greatest advantages of self-dispatch comes down to saving time. As every good transporter knows, time is money. The traditional process often involves calling to claim loads, bidding, competing with other haulers, waiting for confirmation, or working  through a middle-man like a dispatcher. All of these processes involve longer wait times and less autonomy for transporters. With self-dispatch, haulers decide what works best with each specific route, and begin hauling without these obstacles. 

Additional choices and control of your business

Besides reducing wait times, self-dispatch provides haulers with greater control and increased confidence when running their business operations. With a dispatcher, transporters don’t get much of a say in the loads that they are moving. However, working as their own dispatcher, haulers can make choices that best serve their delivery needs. In addition to not having to bid on loads or make additional calls, transporters don’t need to rely on others to secure business. They can also avoid competing with other haulers when utilizing a self-dispatch option. 

In the automotive logistics space, Autosled strives to improve the lives of our customers, through increased autonomy, efficiency, and ease. Autosled’s self-dispatching load board allows haulers the flexibility to claim vehicles already on their routes without added delays from calls or bidding. With Autosled, haulers don’t have to hunt for loads. This enables truckers to keep their trucks as full as possible- increasing their earnings and reducing deadheading. To learn more about how Autosled can serve you, visit Transporters – (autosled.com)

Autosled Joins the Florida Automobile Dealers Association as an Associate Member

Autosled Joins the Florida Automobile Dealers Association as an Associate Member

Autosled, the next generation digital transport management system, has joined the Florida Automobile Dealers Association (FADA) as its latest Associate Member. As part of this, Autosled is offering FADA’s dealerships a special discount of $100 off of the first vehicle transport over 250 miles. 

$100 off the first vehicle move for Florida Automobile Dealers Association members banner.

Established in 1920, The Florida Automobile Dealers Association serves over 850  Franchise auto dealers throughout the state of Florida with education and advocacy. They also work closely with the state legislature, regulatory agencies, businesses, and media to elevate Automotive throughout Florida. 

Autosled offers nationwide, contactless vehicle shipping to residences and businesses with both open and enclosed transport options. With Autosled, dealers can look forward to online vehicle shipment scheduling, a vetted and insured network of transporters, electronic accounting and invoicing, and real-time GPS tracking. Autosled’s digital transport platform is free to all FADA members with no monthly subscription fees.

“Autosled is excited to join the Florida Automobile Dealers Association as an Associate Member- offering vehicle transport benefits to the dealerships that FADA represents. Florida is an important state in the automotive industry in terms of automotive sales, dealer body population, and quantity of vehicle moves. We look forward to assisting Florida’s dealerships in streamlining their automotive logistics and transport processes”, said David Sperau, chief executive officer for Autosled. 

For more information, or to schedule an Autosled product demonstration, visit www.autosled.com/FADA.

Staying Alert During A Long Distance Haul

Staying Alert During A Long Distance Haul

As a premier digital transport provider, Autosled works to streamline vehicle shipments. Transporters are a vital part of this business, keeping trucks full and receiving payments within two business days of delivery. While Autosled’s transporter network works to take care of your vehicles, we remind our transporters to take care of themselves, especially during a long-distance haul.

Sleep is a crucial part of everyone’s development, health, and general wellbeing. According to the CDC, adults, 18-60 years old need 7 or more hours of sleep a night. Truckers, in particular, need plenty of rest in order to stay alert while driving long hours (often seven days a week).  

Man sleeping on a bed. Photo credit: Unsplash.

Swap big fast-food meals for healthy snacks 

While a Mcdonald’s drive-through may seem like a convenient stop along your route, fast food and larger meals can increase drowsiness. According to New Scientist, large meals and meals rich in carbs have high glycemic indexes. Glucose is released quickly into the bloodstream after high glycemic meals which increases insulin production and tryptophan (a chemical causing drowsiness) levels. This is why many people experience a “food coma” after eating a large meal. 

In order to counteract sleepiness after eating, stick to smaller portions and keep your snacks healthy. A candy bar may provide a temporary boost, but once the sugar high wears off, your body will start to crash. The same goes for too many cups of coffee or surgery energy drinks. Make sure to check the prescriptions as well, to make sure drowsiness isn’t listed as a side effect. 

Healthy snacks (fruit, granola bars, and olives) to energize during a long haul. Photo credit: Unsplash.

Some great healthy snack options for the road are protein bars, mixed nuts, fruit (for healthy sugar intake), and beef jerky. Chewing gum or snacks like sunflower seeds can be doubly beneficial in keeping your jaw occupied to encourage attentiveness. 

Take a break or a short power nap

Dozing off at the wheel during a long haul? Pull over as soon as possible and take a nap or stretch your legs at a rest stop. Walking around and fresh air help to fend off fatigue. Whatever the situation, it’s not worth putting yourself or anyone else at risk just to meet a delivery deadline. 

Man taking a nap. Photo credit: Unsplash.

A short nap resets both mind and body. In order to ensure you wake up rested, rather than groggy, restrict your nap to 20 minutes, so as to not disrupt your sleep cycle. The most rejuvenating naps occur when people only go into the first or second stage of sleep. 

Turn down the temperature

A warm, cozy truck is enough to make even the most seasoned trucker yawn. Turn up the air conditioning, crack a window for a breeze if the weather outside is already brisk, or even use ice or a cold towel to sustain peak mental focus.

Listen to upbeat music or an audiobook

Another foolproof way to energize yourself while completing a long haul is by engaging your mind. Upbeat music can lift your mood and get you naturally pumped up. Sing along to your favorite songs for optimal results. If music doesn’t appeal, a good action-based audiobook can break up the monotony of a long haul. When looking out at the road ahead, make sure to move your eyes left to right to scan the road rather than keeping your gaze fixed in one place for too long. 

Autosled cares about our haulers and strives to make your lives easier with free access to our platform, so you can find loads on your routes with ease. We also offer reduced paperwork and electronic invoicing to save you valuable time. Since life on the road isn’t always easy or conducive to regular sleep schedules, we gathered some helpful tips for staying awake and driving safely during long hauls.

What’s your longest ride? Email us at marketing@autosled.com to share your story and favorite tips for staying alert. Follow Autosled on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, to see if we feature your story!

Hot 2021 Auto Industry Trends

Hot 2021 Auto Industry Trends

This past year has been transformative in the auto industry. Historically a heavily brick-and-mortar trade, Automotive has undergone a digital shift as consumers’ concerns for safety during the COVID epidemic have necessitated contactless, digital purchasing and shipping services.

Foot traffic to dealerships took a huge hit early in the pandemic. According to BDEX analysts, retail automotive dealerships saw a 40% decrease in consumer traffic during March and April of 2020. Comparatively, automotive e-commerce exploded with companies like Carvana, Vroom, and CarSaver selling directly to consumers.

The new and used car market continues to experience the powerful effects of the pandemic to this day, so, while it’s difficult to predict what the rest of the year will bring, there are a few automotive industry trends taking over 2021.

AI and Self Driving Vehicles

Although the technology behind self-driving cars and trucks is far from perfect, strides are being made to ensure these vehicles are safe for busy roads and unusual traffic conditions.

With the help of artificial intelligence, vehicles with AI integrations can “learn” over time and observe how human drivers might respond to out-of-the-ordinary road conditions. In the future, autonomous vehicles may even become better drivers than human operators.

The future of self-driving vehicle fleets is still in the early testing stages, but the interest in self-driving cars and trucks for commercial use has certainly grown. Tesla’s full self-driving car is in Beta testing and they’ve already confirmed reservations from UPS, FedEx, Walmart, and Pepsi for an impressive Semi-Truck.

Electric Vehicles

Along similar lines, electric vehicles have gained traction in the automotive industry over the past couple of years. Electric vehicles have been around since 2010, but have grown in popularity and adoption significantly. In 2019, there was a record 7.2 million electric vehicles on the road, as opposed to only 17,000 in 2010.

In late January 2021, President Biden announced his plans to replace government cars and trucks with electric vehicles made in the U.S.A. Additionally, he has pledged to build 500,000 EV charging stations in the next decade to cut down on emissions from highways. Many auto manufacturers are expanding their businesses into EVs or committing to carbon offsetting, pushing towards a greener future for this industry.

Autosled works to improve sustainability for Transporters by offering load optimization technology that keeps trucks full and reduces deadheading.

3D Printed Car Parts

One trend that may not be noticeable to consumers is the incorporation of 3D-printed parts into cars. This industry was one of the first industries to adopt 3D printing tech and has begun incorporating printed parts into car interiors. Volkswagen has printed car manufacturing tools and Ford has tested numerous 3D-printed prototypes. Not to mention, Aston Martin is developing a 3D-printed active suspension system currently. 

Some of the major benefits of 3D printing for car parts are weight reduction, easy spare part replacement, lower costs, less material waste, and more customization possibilities. 

GPS Tracking

Logistics companies, like Autosled, as well as e-commerce companies, are particularly focused on transparency and traceability. Therefore, using tracking technology such as GPS to increase visibility and provide a sense of security for consumers has become a major trend in the transport sector.

Autosled’s GPS vehicle tracking, for example, enables automotive dealers to know exactly where their vehicles are in real-time, in turn, communicating accurate delivery estimates. 

Blockchain Logistics 

Another big trend in transportation and distribution is blockchain, which refers to a linked digital record of transactions. Blockchain holds a variety of potential uses for increasing transparency in trucking and transport logistics.

One example would be keeping track of vehicle performance history records as the vehicle changes owners. The same principle can be applied to keeping track of BOL records as vehicles are transported across state lines, or between companies and individuals.  

Residence/Direct Address Delivery

As e-commerce becomes increasingly popular, the demand for direct, door-to-door delivery also rises. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dealerships were forced to provide contactless delivery services without diminishing service quality or efficiency. From this expectation arose a renewed importance in optimizing last-mile deliveries. This is just one of the reasons why Autosled ships vehicles to both residences and businesses, giving customers the high-quality convenience of receiving cars right to their doors. 

Autosled’s digital transport management system embraces new technologies and the shift toward the future of Automotive. The company was created to alleviate frustrations caused by tedious, manual processes within vehicle shipping logistics. Dashboard and mobile app users are provided with a streamlined, contactless vehicle shipment experience. Key features include video pick-up and drop-off BOLs (bill of lading), electronic paperwork and invoicing, door-to-door shipping, load optimization, self-dispatch with a click of a button, and real-time GPS vehicle tracking.

As the auto industry makes strides towards greener transport, so will Autosled by continuing to decrease deadheading and moving towards electric vehicles. Increased transparency via blockchain logistics, as well as developments in AI and 3D printing, are interesting ideas that will impact the future of automotive transport.  It’s exciting to keep looking forward to how these improvements will change the industry. For more information about Autosled, or to begin shipping vehicles today, visit: www.autosled.com

Autosled Appears on Newswatch TV

Autosled Appears on Newswatch TV

On February 5th, 2021, Autosled was showcased by Newswatch. Watch the full video and read the transcript below.

The Leader in Automotive Logistics Marketplace is Autosled from NewsWatch Television on Vimeo

Video Transcript

If you’ve ever moved a car – whether you’re in the business of moving cars or you moved cross-country – then you know it’s a cumbersome process, with a lot of room for mistakes, inefficiencies, and, if we’re being honest, headache.

Well, this isn’t true with Autosled.

A leader in automotive logistics, Autosled leverages modern technology to efficiently move cars from point A to B.

Their platform is entirely digital, making it easier than ever for you to decide you want to make the trek to L.A. from D.C.

Better yet – their platform is completely free to users. All you have to do is log on, receive a custom quote, and send your vehicle to your next destination.

And, once you ship your vehicle, you can check up on it at any point with real-time GPS tracking, so you never have to guess where your vehicle is. But, if you ever have a question, you can contact their 24/7 support team.

So even though they’re fully digital and contactless, you can still get that one-on-one human support.

If you need to ship a vehicle in the U.S., head to Autosled.com and receive your free custom quote today.

NIADA Adds Autosled as National Member Benefit Partner

NIADA Adds Autosled as National Member Benefit Partner

January 18, 2021- Rockville, MD– Autosled, Inc., a national digital logistics marketplace for franchise and independent dealers, has joined with the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association as its newest National Member Benefit partner.

As part of the partnership, Autosled is offering NIADA member dealers a special first vehicle transport discount, available to association members who join as new customers.

“With more and more inventory being acquired digitally and from a wider geographic range, vehicle transport is growing in importance for independent dealers,” NIADA director of business development James Gibson said. “This partnership provides a greater opportunity for NIADA members to take advantage of Autosled’s seamless digital vehicle transport options to ship used vehicles throughout the nation.”

Autosled’s contactless vehicle shipping includes enclosed and open transport options. Dealers can schedule vehicle pickups online, communicate with drivers throughout the transportation process and share vehicle updates with customers in real time. Autosled delivers to residential or commercial locations, depending on the dealer’s preference.

NIADA members can look forward to less paperwork and no monthly subscription fees, enabling them to move used cars and trucks off the lot faster.

Autosled’s vetted network of nationwide transporters, in conjunction with industry-first video bill of lading technology, works to ensure successful vehicle deliveries for every dealer.

“Autosled is honored to come alongside NIADA and its members as a trusted transport partner,” Autosled chief financial officer Dan Sperau said. “We look forward to connecting with independent dealers nationwide to streamline their delivery processes and fulfill their vehicle transport needs, now and in the future.”

For more information, or to schedule an Autosled product demonstration, visit www.autosled.com/NIADA.

About Autosled

Autosled provides dealers, transporters, auctioneers, brokers and individuals who are relocating with efficient, digital vehicle transport options. New and used cars, trucks, motorcycles, classic and luxury vehicles are all regularly shipped nationwide.

Autosled offers enclosed and open transport as well as door-to-door shipping to both residences and businesses. The software allows dealers to reduce paperwork and miscommunication, allowing them to save time and move inventory quicker.

Autosled’s services include custom price quotes, secure online payments, electronic accounting and invoicing, vehicle shipments scheduled online, verified transporter insurance and a vetted network of transporters. Every vehicle shipped through Autosled is protected with real-time GPS vehicle tracking and instant communication with transporters throughout the shipping process. For more information, visit www.autosled.com.


The National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) is among the nation’s largest trade associations, representing the used motor vehicle industry, and comprises more than 38,000 licensed used car dealers. Since 1946, NIADA has represented the voice and interests of used car dealers at the federal level in Washington D.C. Coupled with its state association network across the country, NIADA’s grass-roots framework provides a dual layer of advocacy unmatched in the used motor vehicle industry.

For more than 70 years, NIADA has engineered programs and leveraged technology to fulfill its mission to advance, educate and promote the independent used car dealer. NIADA members subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics of duty, honor and integrity, and believe in the advancement of small business in support of the free-market system. More information about NIADA programs and educational opportunities is available at www.niada.com and www.niada.tv.

Autosled Named Exclusive Transportation Provider For 20 Group Dealer Trades

Autosled Named Exclusive Transportation Provider For 20 Group Dealer Trades’ Franchise and Independent Dealers


December 16, 2020, Rockville, Md.- Autosled, Inc., the digital vehicle logistics marketplace for automotive dealers, transporters, and consumers, has partnered with 20 Group Dealer Trades to provide exclusive transport support for the new and used cars traded amongst its members. 

Autosled’s online logistics platform enables nationwide shipments with contactless delivery, real-time GPS tracking, and direct contact with Transporters. Through 20 Group Dealer Trades’ dealer direct platform, Franchise and Independent dealerships trade vehicles amongst its members. As the exclusive transportation provider for 20 Group Dealer Trades, Autosled’s pre-vetted network of transporters across the United States supply both open and enclosed transport.

“We appreciate the opportunity to align with cutting edge industry partners such as 20 Group Dealer Trades”, said David Sperau, CEO of Autosled. “As hard as it is to acquire frontline ready inventory, this is a no brainer for today’s automotive dealers. We look forward to supporting their growing network of dealers with the most reliable vehicle transport platform on the market”.

“20 Group Dealer Trades was created to increase dealership profitability and dispose of overage, pre-owned inventory through a Dealer to Dealer direct e-commerce model”, said Santosh Viswanathan, founder and CEO of 20 Group Dealer Trades. “We have now decided to incorporate new car inventory due to the same aging issues that retailers face with used cars. Instead of paying locator services for half of the hold back cost for each vehicle, automotive dealers pay a flat rate of $199 through 20 Group Dealer Trades. Thank you to Peter Fong, chief growth officer for Autosled, who has helped launch this partnership.”

About 20 Group Dealer Trades

20 Group Dealer Trades is the first members-only, dealer-direct platform that enables dealers to turn reconditioned inventory in an efficient and convenient way. 20 Group Dealer Trades was founded by Santosh Viswanathan, owner of Ford and Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram stores, for dealers looking to trade reconditioned, frontline ready units. Comprising both Franchise and Independent dealerships, 20 Group Dealer Trades provides full mechanical inspections, vehicle transport, ACH payments and floor planning. For more information, or to become a 20 Group Dealer Trades member, please visit: www.20groupdealertrades.com

About Autosled

Autosled provides dealers, transporters, auctioneers, brokers, and individuals that are relocating with seamless, efficient, and digital vehicle transport options. New and used cars, trucks, motorcycles, classic and luxury vehicles are all regularly shipped nationwide. Autosled offers enclosed and open transport as well as door-to-door shipping to both residences and businesses. The software allows dealers to reduce paperwork and miscommunication- allowing dealers to save time and move inventory off of their lots quicker. Autosled’s services include custom price quotes, secure online payments, electronic accounting and invoicing, vehicle shipments scheduled online, verified transporter insurance, and a vetted network of transporters. Every vehicle shipped through Autosled is protected, with real-time GPS vehicle tracking, and instant communication with transporters throughout the shipping process. For more information, visit www.autosled.com.

Autosled Podcast with Auto Remarketing

Autosled Guest Appearance on Auto Remarketing Podcast

Autosled Co-Founders, David and Dan Sperau, made a guest appearance in Auto Remarketing’s podcast this past Wednesday. In the episode, the brothers discussed their family’s background in the automotive industry, how they got their starts in the industry, and what inspired them to launch Autosled.

“We will be there when customers need us. Even if it’s a weird hour of the night. Our cell phones are on our business cards. We’re 24 hours. If you want to call us on Sunday, we’ll answer the phone. That’s how we do business.”

Dan Sperau, CFO and Co-founder of autosled

Auto Remarketing is a news source and magazine that reports on used vehicle trends and automotive industry news in the United States and Canada. The Auto Remarketing podcast is a weekly podcast about auto industry news, particularly on the used car side, and features prominent executives.

Listen to the full interview above.